Vitality Booth

Vitality Booth

The Vitality Booth Offers A Scientific Approach to Wellness

Lexington Aesthetics is excited to introduce the Vitality Booth, the only treatment booth that combines Salt Therapy and Red Light Therapy in one sleek unit! In combination, the synergy between the two modalities is tremendous, backed by research and a pending patent! Treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. The Mito red lights are Class II medical devices cleared by the FDA.
With each Vitality Booth session, near and far-red light therapy and dry salt inhalation are combined in a patent-pending system that provides the following benefits:

Patent-pending system that provides the following benefits:

Advanced integrated sanitization system

Each Vitality Booth is equipped with a blue light sanitizing system. This state-of-the-art sanitization system makes it possible to sanitize between sessions or at the end of the day. Combining in-booth sanitization with private sessions allows us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art scientific wellness sessions while our clients are at ease regarding sterilization protocols. System sanitization using blue light ultraviolet light has been shown to kill viruses, including Covid-19 and SARS.


The Vitality Booth is the latest and most advanced halotherapy and red light therapy system. This is the first booth to provide both amazing modalities into one treatment session.

20-minutes is the recommended session time.

Most clients find vitality booth sessions to be extremely relaxing. You will feel a slight comforting warmth from the red lights. The salt particles in the air are very fine and your breathing will feel as normal. There is no extreme heat or steam. Partake in the built-in guided meditation program to melt your stress away or enjoy your own music playlist via Bluetooth during your session.

Yes! We provide protective eyewear for each session. 

In the first month or two, we recommend three to five sessions per week, and after that, you can maintain your benefits with two to three sessions per week.

Absolutely. You can choose between salt therapy only, red light therapy, or combine the two modalities for the most substantial benefits.

Yes, the FDA classifies the Mito red light panels as Class 2 medical devices.



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