Forever Clear BBL™ treats acne at the speed of light!

Have you tried various methods of controlling acne? With this advancement, prescription medications and over-the-counter remedies are no longer necessary. If you could have clearer skin in just a few treatments, why wait for those options and risk side effects?

At Lexington Aesthetics Medical Spa, we offer Forever Clear BBL™, an acne treatment that utilizes light to clear acne effortlessly and comfortably without creams or medicine. BBL devices deliver light energy deep into your skin, eliminating acne and leaving your skin healthy, clear, and radiant.

As part of your customized acne treatment plan, we may recommend additional or follow-up BBL treatments, as well as a skincare regimen that helps you maintain clearer skin.

Forever Clear BBL™ is great for teens as well as adults:

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Treatment with Forever Clear is generally comfortable, fast, and safe and can treat most body areas. The most common treatment areas for acne are the face, neck, and back.
The entire procedure can take only 15 minutes to complete in some cases. You will see improvements after just one treatment, but treatment time and the total number of treatments needed will vary for each patient.
You will not experience any downtime. Many patients can immediately resume normal activities.
Typically, this procedure is non-invasive and painless. In general, topical anesthetics are unnecessary, but your clinician may decide to use one depending on the patient’s needs.
Some mild redness may occur following the procedure. Contact our office if it does not disappear. Your skin will appear clearer, and your pores will appear smaller after your treatment. Following your acne treatment, we will provide you with additional information on what to expect, as well as an aftercare plan that involves using sunscreen and avoiding direct sun exposure.



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