Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Frame Your Face

Defined and well-groomed lashes and eyebrows frame the face and enhance your natural features. Trade in your brow pencils and mascara for a polished get-up-and-go look. The results from lash and brow treatments typically last up to 6 weeks.


At your permanent cosmetics consultation, D.J will evaluate your facial features, skin tone, and eye color and make suggestions for design placement and pigment color. These suggestions will be based on your preferences and her experience with makeup artistry and color theory in relation to pigments used for the specific procedure you are considering.
You will be asked about your expectations and goals for permanent cosmetic procedures.

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Lip Blush

Frame Your Face

Lip Blush will enhance the natural beauty of the lips by improving the lip size, definition, color and by correcting and enlarging the shape.

Lip Blush Touch Up 1-3 Months

This technique, once healed, will create a soft filled-in look that resembles a powdery finish. You can request to have a more “natural” look or a more “makeup” look.
Ombre Powder Brows can last anywhere between one to three years and vary on each individual. This is a 2-step process! A touch-up is required and recommended to be scheduled within 6-12 weeks from the initial session.

Lip Blush Touch Up 3-6 Months

Everyone heals and retains pigment differently, therefore, a touch-up appointment is required after the initial session. During this appointment, we will go over any areas that did not heal and/or take pigment properly and adjust as needed to help “perfect” and prolong the life of the brows.

For current clients only:
6-8 weeks 125
3-6 months 175
7-11 months 200.

Lip Blush Touch Up 6-12 Months

Annual touch-up for current clients only. An annual color boost is recommended to maintain the longevity of your brows and keep the color looking fresh and beautiful!

Brow code Brow Lamination​

Brow lamination takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. You can now achieve perfectly lifted brows every day No matter what your brow concern is — gaps, thinning, overplucking, unruliness — brow lamination is an amazing solution


The Vitality Booth is the latest and most advanced halotherapy and red light therapy system, which combines both Halotherapy and red light therapy.
20-minutes is the recommended session time.
We recommend that you wear eye protection glasses, and can provide them for each session, if needed.
In the first month or two, we recommend three to five sessions per week, and after that, you can maintain two to three sessions per week.
Vitality Booths are not pressurized, so there is no oxygen component.
FDA classifies the red light panels as medical devices of Class 2.



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