Neuromuscular Massage

Book Now Neuromuscular Massage 30min: 45 60min: 85 Improve your posture, increase your ease of movement, and reduce chronic pain with Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. This medically oriented type of massage is designed to treat trigger points (tender muscles points or “knots”), circulation, nerve compression, and postural issues that repetitive movement injuries can cause. This highly […]

Forever Young BBL

Sciton’s Forever Young BBL is a groundbreaking broadband light therapy that can keep you looking young forever by changing your skin’s DNA and halting the natural aging process.  The Forever Young BBL laser delivers infrared light and visible light deep into the dermis and epidermis of the skin, stimulating molecular changes. Older, damaged genes are […]

Wrinkle Relaxers

Since Botox was introduced in the early 90s as a solution to reverse the signs of aging, it has gained enormous popularity. People today visit med spas regularly for their “tox,” and they leave looking better and younger. There are four types of wrinkle relaxers on the market now, called neuromodulators, each specially formulated to […]

Natural Growth Factor Injections

Platelet-rich fibrin, often referred to as “liquid gold,” is the next step in the evolution of natural skin rejuvenation. This treatment requires nothing foreign to be injected into the body because it uses your own blood products to stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow, and promote a youthful, vibrant appearance.  Book Now What is PRF? […]


Facials cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin as well as provide an opportunity to relax. They improve the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity by counteracting the damaging effects of air pollution and sun exposure. No matter the type of skin you have, whether it is normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, there is a facial […]


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure that involves gently scraping the skin with a medical-grade scalpel to remove the very top layer of skin. Dermaplaning helps to remove the dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs, also known as peach fuzz, leaving the face smooth and flawless. During exfoliation, new skin is revealed by stimulating the […]


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure for improving and rejuvenating the skin’s texture by reducing dead, outer layers of skin. This treatment removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface to reveal newer, healthier skin beneath it. A series of treatments is required with Microdermabrasion, spread out over a period of four to six weeks. The […]

Vitality Booth

The Vitality Booth Offers A Scientific Approach to Wellness Lexington Aesthetics is excited to introduce the Vitality Booth, the only treatment booth that combines Salt Therapy and Red Light Therapy in one sleek unit! In combination, the synergy between the two modalities is tremendous, backed by research and a pending patent! Treatment takes approximately 20 […]

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help exfoliate the skin by using an acid to remove the outermost layer (epidermis), allowing the dermis to reveal itself beneath. A small portion of the dermis may be peeled off as well, depending on the strength of the chemical peel. This results in healthier and younger-looking skin. Different skin conditions can also […]

Dermal Fillers

 As we age, we tend to lose some volume and structure in our face while wrinkles and folds begin to appear. Dermal fillers, such as Restylane®, Versa®, and Juvederm®, are gel-like treatments that are injected into the skin to replace lost volume, smooth lines, and enhance facial contours. The goal of these treatments is not […]

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